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Netflix “target=”_blank”> Netflix It has a wide range of options for movies, documentaries and especially Series, from short series that can be seen after one period to another with longer chapters and many chapters.

While most users Netflix They are waiting for the big releases and the news that everyone has been expecting and knowing, the streaming platform has some secret gems on hand. On this occasion, we present to you an interesting story of just six hours that you can quickly consume which, without a doubt, will not let you go away from the screen.

Safe, hidden gem to watch on Netflix

security, released in 2018, is today’s recommendation. It is the story of Tom, a surgeon who lost his wife and left him alone in charge of his daughters. In this difficult moment, he is trying to put his life back together in the best way until one of the teenagers goes missing after attending a party.

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Safe, hidden gem to watch on Netflix.

The story revolves around a wealthy neighborhood in the United Kingdom and the tireless search for Tom, a desperate father, He unleashes a web of dark secrets about people around him who are not what he thought.

All characters have secrets that, no matter how hard they try to hide, they end up showing. The tension between the effort to save them and the necessity of their appearance is what drives the plot. At least, it is the feeling that the first two episodes of the season will consist of eight.

Each of the eight chapters that compose it will be dedicated, except for the days after the disappearance Jenny Delaney and boyfriend Chris Chahal. This will be the main plot on which various sub-plots will be launched that will affect the population of the community and which together will end in a great final climax…or an attempt for it.

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Many secrets prefer that Safe can pull off surprising discoveries to finish episodes and motivate us to see the next episode, but it can also be our Achilles’ heel. At first, it gives the feeling that everything is subject to mystery preservation, and that the spectator’s curiosity to see how it ends up justifies ignoring aspects such as building a less general character, for example.

Ansar Michael C. Hall, Amanda Abington and Mark Warren. The short series is available at Netflix It contains only 8 chapters of approximately 45 minutes each.

Watch the trailer for Safe, available on Netflix

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