Netflix: This is the subscription plan you plan to remove

The streaming giant has announced its intention to phase out one of its subscription plans; We tell you the details

During this year, Netflix Various changes will be implemented, including Phase out your basic ad-free planAs indicated in its results report corresponding to the last quarter of 2023.

The streaming giant announced its intention to phase out the basic plan Starting in the second quarter of 2024Following its usual strategic approach.

Starting July 2023, new users will join United State They were unable to access this plan, keeping it available only to those who are already subscribed and want to change their plan type.

With this change, the first to be affected are customers United Kingdom and Canada. The platform did not reveal what will happen in the rest of the world, but it is very likely that it will expand its strategy internationally.

Offline, catalogue Netflix for Mexico It consists of three schemes:

  • Standard with ads for 99 pesos per month
  • Standard 219 pesos per month
  • Premium for 299 pesos per month

Why is Netflix removing its basic ad-free plan?

Advertisements are one of the possible reasons for the move that Netflix will take in 2024. It was expected that the plan with ads would fail, but in the first year of its implementation, 15 million people registered.

Netflix has it 260 million users around the world. The strange thing is that 40% New additions are recorded at the ad serving level in the countries where they are implemented.

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