Netflix starts kicking users off ‘Basic’ plan in Canada and UK

Netflix users on the “Basic” plan received notifications that their subscriptions were disappearing.

Subscribers around the world, particularly in Canada and the UK, have reported receiving notifications telling them they will soon lose access to the service. Instead, they are being told they must upgrade to the cheaper plan, which shows ads, or the much more expensive plan.

Netflix had already announced that it would be cutting the basic plan earlier this year. It specifically pointed to countries with advertising tiers.

During the earnings report announcing the announcement, he confirmed that he would scrap the plan “starting with Canada and the UK in the second quarter” and then roll it out to more countries.

Netflix also removed the Basic plan for new subscriptions last year. Its pricing page states that it has been “discontinued” and warns that users can change plans “at any time.”

However, it allowed people already subscribed to the basic plan to continue using it. It did not specify when it would end.

Those who shared the warnings included a note saying, “Last day to watch Netflix is ​​July 31.” The message read, “Choose a new plan to keep watching.”

The basic Netflix plan was significantly cheaper than any other plan that didn’t offer ads. For example, in the US, the basic plan costs $11.99, the ad-free tier costs $15.49, the 4K plan costs $22.99, and the ad-free plan costs $6.99. Prices are pretty comparable around the world.

service flow It’s one of several companies that have started including ads in their offerings, after years of not doing so. Disney+ also offers a cheaper ad-supported tier, and Amazon Prime Video recently introduced ads into the user experience, requiring users to pay more if they want to remove them.

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