Netflix renews Heartstopper, one of the most popular LGTBI series, for two more seasons

heart plugone of the newest series to join the catalog LGBT From NetflixShe will have at least two more seasons. The broadcasting platform confirmed on Friday that it will continue to record episodes of the series they are starring in Joe Lock s Kate Connor.

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In this way, the British novel was created by Alice Osman (author of the novel on which it is based) season two and three To continue exploring the universe created by Nick Nelson s Spring Charlietwo teenagers who attend an elite school in the UK where they end up discovering that the friendship they have established can go further.

The first season arrived on Netflix on September 22 and was the adaptation of the first two books in the saga created by Alice Osman. It is expected, therefore, that the following two seasons narrate the events described in volumes 3, 4 and 5the latter being written.

The series didn’t have a huge impact but it crept into Top 10 English series on Netflix. In fact, it ranked fifth and was even one of the 10 most watched productions in a total of 54 countries, numbers a far cry from the success of titles like Ozarks also The Bridgetonsbut more than acceptable for a series on a modest budget like this, which does not exceed 30 minutes. heart plug It can boast of being one of the most popular LGTBI series on the platform.

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