Netflix: Kevin Smith responds to criticism of The Masters of Universe He-Man | Masters of the Universe: Revelation | spoiler

con mAsters in the Universe: RevelationAnd Kevin Smith He took on the challenging task of re-release an 80s classic to update it until 2021 and The results were mixed. While some praised the new version of He-Man on NetflixThe most nostalgic fans were fierce against the all-new character. The criticism reached the ears of the creator, who chose to respond defiantly to the fans. What did he say?

The animated series arrived with its first part on July 23 and Poor reception translates into the numbers of your audience. Only in countries like Brazil, Bolivia, Jamaica, Germany and the United Kingdom It is in the top 10 of the most viewed. The main objections of fans He-Man and masters of the universe is this program Get rid of He-Man And he puts it in the background to tell another story.

He-Man from Masters of Universe was criticized and its creator answered defiantly

Smith listened to those comments and was far from silent. In an interview with Variety, he responded to his haters and said: “I see people on the internet saying, Hey, they’re getting rid of He-Man! Do you really think Mattel Television, who hired me and paid me, wants to make me a fucking Masters of the Universe without He-Man? Even damn it.”

The writer and director continued to be angry at his response to his view on Ciri. “It was interesting to see who the fan really is at heart. Because anyone who says, ‘Oh, there’s not enough He-Man or something like that, they don’t understand the show we’re counting on. He-Man has never been the same’ If only He-Man had always saved the day. His friends helped him. That was the damn point of the show.“, pointed out.

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In addition, he used his Twitter account to continue the controversy and was once again sarcastic. “I’m going to be 51 when we start shooting CLERKS III. But by noon, the cast is reading the script out loud for the first time! Until Brian O’Lorran finds out we killed his character in Act One! From storytelling he tells me audiences love this metaphor globally.. .”Written with its distinctive acidity.

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