Netflix is ​​based on TikTok for the Quick Laughs feature

Netflix just released Fast Laughs, a new feature for its mobile app with a string of comedy clips from monologues, TV series, and movies.

This new feature displays full-screen vertical videos on a file feed Autoplay, which reminds other apps like TikTok.

This tool allows users to share their favorite comic snippets with their friends and on social media. According to the platform, this section will present 100 sponsored clips each day.

The main objective of this post is to help subscribers find new content more easily, always related to the field of comics.


Consequently, Fast Laughs will include clips from Netflix original production, such as Jerry Seinfeld’s monologue specials (23 hours to kill)Ali Wong (Baby CobraHannah GadsbyDouglas) H Irresponsible By Kevin Hart in addition to TV shows big mouthAnd the I’ve never done beforeAnd the Chet Creek And movies Moxie Dee Amy Buehler LLC The murder mystery Dee Adam Sandler.

With this function, the user can add specific titles to their viewpoint list on the platform, or click on a clip to access the program instantly.

The length of each video varies, from about fifteen to about 45 seconds, or even longer.

Fast Laughs is now available for iOS in English-speaking countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It should also be available on Android soon.

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