Netflix has made a change in Spain to not raise prices, one way or another, at least for now

Spain has been savedat the moment, from Netflix prices rise Which reached the United States, France and the United Kingdom. Now, as already happened initially in other countries such as Canada, Yes, it will make a difference Which, for practical purposes, will make new subscribers have to spend more if they don’t want ads.

And this is it Basic plan Platform, which allows simultaneous operation and high-resolution image quality of €7.99 will disappear Starting next October 23. Although quiet, it is not at all for everyone.

the Customers who are already subscribed for this model You can keep it up In the near future, for them, everything will remain the same until at least further notice. But all those who Join from now on or those who come back After deactivating their accounts, they will have to He chooses between Standard plan with ads or Standard without Advertising.

What does this mean? What part of them Yes, you will see an increase in prices. So now we had the possibility to stay in Ad-free option by Less than 10 euroswhich, in addition, also allowed Demobilization Series and movies to watch offline.

This possibility Download the content Which was not yet available in Option with ads Yes it will start working Starting next month At least, but it still has a flaw that will prompt many to choose $12.99 per month.

And the cheapest plan doesn’t have the full catalog either. From series and movies. Some licensed titles and some original titles are not currently available, although this may change over time depending on agreements reached. At least the latest and most popular releases can be seen.

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This doesn’t seem to be a serious issue in recent months, and the commitment to advertising has shown up well for Netflix, with 30% of new customers choosing the cheapest monthly payment despite everything. Will it continue like this? So what do you choose? We’ll see what new customers prefer from now on.

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