Netflix has announced the cancellation of its basic ad-free subscription plan

The streaming company confirms its intention to cancel one of its subscription plans

Written by: Cynthia Trejo

this year, Netflix You will be subject to a number of modifications, including the removal of your file Basic plan without adsThis is according to its results report corresponding to the last quarter of 2023.

Leader flow It revealed its intention to gradually stop this method starting from the second quarter of 2024, following the usual implementation strategy.

New users in the US have not been able to access this scheme since July 2023. Only those who are already eligible can do so. subscriber And you want to change plans. Since October 2023, this shift has also been implemented in Mexico.

any Netflix What it does is pave the way for consolidating all your subscription options as much as possible. following Markets The ones that will see this change are the United Kingdom and Canada.

Offline, catalogue Netflix to Mexico It consists of three plans:

  • standard: With ads for 99 pesos per month
  • standard: For 219 pesos per month
  • beloved: For 299 pesos per month

Basic plan now Unavailable For new customers.

because Netflix Are you going to ditch your basic plan?

Advertisements may be one of the reasons behind this movement Netflix It will be implemented in 2024. The plan was expected with Advertising It was a failure, however, in its first year of implementation, it registered 15 million users.

Netflix He has 260 million Users all over the world. What's interesting is that 40% of new registrations are at the display level in countries where the ad is available.

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