Netflix filming its new series ‘Kaos’ on the Costa del Sol

  • More than 200 specialists are registered in different locations in Torre del Mar and Velez Málaga

  • The deployment of tents and chariots has been the focus of many curious people

  • Hugh Grant stars in new eight-episode Netflix series

Costa del Sol-Axarquia hosts recording of new Netflix series ‘Kaos’ starring Actor Hugh Grant Which was registered by Axarquia Film Bureau in Multiple places From the nucleus of Torre del Mar and Félez of Málaga.

Near El Ingenio Shopping Center, A Catering area, changing rooms, caravans, trailers and vehicles To cover a team of professionals consisting of more than 200 people Between the camera crew and the extras.

Four days of filming

The deployment of tents and chariots during these four days has become the The focus of many curious Those who wondered about the reason for this spread and who Access is restricted by product to protect secrets From photographing several familiar faces.

Thus, several sequences of the series have been recorded In and near the shopping center, As well as in other municipal streets. English has been the official language in the shooting days since this international production Powered by the United Kingdom Where do most professionals come from?

will be ‘kaos’ eight episodes It has reached the Axarquia region and the province of Malaga thanks to Fresco Film, which is responsible for the production of this new series. Details about it remain “top secret and at present it is only known that it is a review of Greek mythology”.

Netflix records its new series in Malaga

The President of the Commonwealth of Axarquia on the Costa del Sol, Juan Jose Jimenez, highlighted the importance of This recording was made in the region of Xarquica Besides other international destinations such as London, United Kingdom, as well as Marbella or Malaga.

For his part, the head of the Axarquia Film Office, Juan Peñas, explained that the regional office of filming was opened “on such a scale that the destination of Axarquia-Costa del Sol forms part of this” The shooting has major international repercussions.” He has valued the administrative organization, help and advice given to the production company from the very beginning.

as thanks Cooperat El Ingenio shopping centre, Vélez-Málaga City Hall, Torre del Mar Mayor office and local police.

“We are satisfied with the support provided by the departments to Axarquia Film Office And collaborate on this new work from Netflix who aspires to be one of Great international series next season,” concluded Pinas.

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