Netflix defines Black Mirror and turns its users into heroes in their own series

dystopia black mirror It came true in the last campaign of Netflixwhich used the intro of an episode of its recently released sixth season to promote the arrival of the new installments.

“Black Mirror” tried to write one of its classes using ChatGPT but the result was “crap”.


Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Black Mirror 6×01

In the first chapter of the new installment entitled Joanne is awful (Joanne is awful), the protagonist sees how her life becomes a series on the catwalk streamberry, a parody of Netflix itself, without its approval. A plot that makes you think about the terms and conditions we accept online without reading them, and on which this advertising strategy revolves.

In the above campaign the company has documented some points in the uk with Anonymous user photos As if they were Joan and they had a series about her life under her name and the same title.

How did those subscribers’ faces get there is a question with an easy answer, and that is that Netflix capitalized on the premiere of black mirror to meditate The real version of Streamberry. Those who decide to register They agreed, within their terms and conditions, to be part of the new campaign to the company, in a manner similar to what happens in the fairy tale with Joan.

Many of these users took to the streets to immortalize their moment of glory and did not hesitate to share the result on social networks, where we gather:

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