Netflix crowns Carlotta while UK crowns Carlos III

The United Kingdom may have crowned Charles III last weekend, but on Netflix Brits have sworn allegiance to a new — or not quite new — queen: Charlotte. the series The Bridgertons prequel arrived last week to allay waiting fears third season from the main program.

Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton’s Story, takes us back to this universe based on the novels Julia Quinn Where the events of the main series take place. A young Carlotta begins her rise and her love story with King George. A story that will change the UK socially.

With its six episodes arriving on Netflix May 4, Queen Charlotte: A Story from The Bridgertons has been given the ballot to live up to the main series.

With the data provided by the platform through Netflix top 10We can say that this prequel has risen to the occasion.

The Bridgertons are back on Netflix

with 148.2 million watch hours in four daysQueen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story doubles as the character of the second most-watched series: Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy.

Although the numbers for the first two seasons of The Bridgertons had already been eclipsed by many series, the show was, at the time, the most watched series in Netflix history. Then Squid came along and set its own rules, of course.

The strong performance of Queen Charlotte: A Story of the Bridgertons in its early days on Netflix heralds ahead of the upcoming third season of the main series, which will attempt to reclaim the platform’s throne.

Have you watched the prequel series of The Bridgertons on Netflix? What do you think of the new production inspired by the work of Julia Quinn?

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