Netflix confuses Murcia and Rio de Janeiro in ‘The Squid Game’

One of the most anticipated releases on Netflix this month was reality Based on the hit South Korean series Squid game. under name the challengePlatform flow Last Wednesday, November 22, it made available to its customers the first five chapters of the contest, which recreate quizzes that can be seen in fiction using real people. Of course, it stands to reason that there were no deaths during the course of the program.

Recording took place at Cardington Studios, a former base of Royal Air Force In Bedford, United Kingdom, awaiting the second season of the original series he created Hwang Dong Hyuk The currently streaming competition, scheduled to take place next year, shows 456 entrants vying for the big final prize: $4.56 million. The winner will not be revealed until December 6th.

However, what most attracted attention in our country after the premiere of the program was the introduction itself, where aerial images of cities such as New York, Sydney, Chicago or London are shown. The strange thing comes when you see a shot between them MurciaThe American company is confused Savior to Christ Or Christ of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil – whose image was the one I really wanted to combine – with Christ Monteagudoin Murcia, whose figures hold their arms in the same position.

After receiving criticism, the platform quickly assumed the error and shortly after posted a tweet making fun of the hilarious confusion. In this way, Netflix shared an image of the protagonist Squid gameinterpreted by Lee Jung JaeOpen one of the famous biscuit toy boxes. However, you can see at the bottom that instead of dessert inside, there was instead some marinera, which is one of the most famous tapas in Murcia.

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This tapa consists of bread-shaped bread, Russian salad and anchovies, and was chosen as a humorous response to what went wrong with the introduction of tapa. Squid game: Challenge.

Although this is not the only controversy that the platform has faced in relation to this format, and while some participants are considering preparing a class action lawsuit for the conditions in which the program was recorded, as they reported several cases of hypothermia, many followers were upset by their belief that this is the second season. One of the most watched series in history Netflix It is not a game with real players.

Despite everything, the space has a large number of views during its first week on the platform, with nine chapters out of 10 already available. The last trailer will be shown on Wednesday, December 6.

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