Netflix | Behind His Eyes: Meet Yves Hewson, Bono’s daughter who stars in suspense mini-series

actress Yves Hewson He wins these days thanks to his role in Netflix series “Behind His Eyes”. daughter BonoShe, a rock legend with U2, became one of the great actresses in Hollywood, after giving life to the mysterious Adele.

The mini-series has given definitive recognition for a career that began at the age of 18, when he began his acting education. After graduation, her first notable role was in the 2011 film This Should Be A Place, starring Sean Penn, followed by nurse Lucy Elkins in the drama “The Knick.”

In 2015, Steven Spielberg directed her to play Tom Hanks’ daughter in “Bridge of Spies,” and in 2018, Mrs. Marianne is in the remake of “Robin Hood,” alongside Taron. Jamie Dornan.

Favorite profession

In all honesty, Yves Hewson Recently recognized, thanks to fame and His father’s contacts, He did not experience the same difficulties as his colleagues looking for agents or getting tests, which is a fact At first it was an “advantage”, but later it became an “obstacle”.

She lamented the filmmakers and their colleagues, “Sometimes they can’t separate me from my father or see me as someone else,” which leads them to “create little expectations” about their ability as an actress.

She is 29 years old, and she is a daughter Bono Now stand out Netflix With suspense series “Behind your eyesMeanwhile, he starred in the series “Luminous Stars” which captivated the UK with its first episode, attracting more than five million people.

In the shadow of the father?

Yves Hewson She is not the only one in the clan Bono Who is competing for fame. Jordan-born Jordan, 31, is a successful entrepreneur, while Elijah, 21, has formed Inhaler, a band that has just emerged on the music scene.

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GruĆ³ independently released his first single, “I Want You,” in 2017 and the song was popular, prompting the quartet to sign a music contract with Polydor Records. In the coming years, the names of the Hewson sisters will be heard more strongly. (EFE)

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