Netflix begins phasing out its ad-free basic plan

the Netflix platform He started to judge Your basic plan without adswhich is cheaper to attract users in some areas such as RUK or Canada To choose a new plan to keep their subscription active.

The company made a change to its subscription plans months ago, which began with the introduction of a more streamlined advertising plan; as well as the end of Joint accounts And the highest prices in other ways.

A few months ago, it announced that it would stop offering the ad-free Basic plan to new subscribers, starting with Canada and the UK, so users in those countries have reported receiving an email from the company indicating the end of this format.

This change, which also appears in the app interface when you start it, was notified through the brand’s website, where it was noted that ” The basic plan has been stopped..

In this sense, the content streaming platform warns users that they must choose another subscription plan to continue enjoying the content. Otherwise, their profiles will be suspended.

This means that existing subscribers must choose either the ad-supported plan — also called the standard ad-supported plan — the standard ad-free plan, or the premium plan.

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