Netflix: Are you a fan of makeup? This is the series you should not miss

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If you, like millions of people in the world, are passionate about a world Make-upThe series that we are going to talk about today is for you because it was shown for the first time only a few days ago in Netflix The third season of the reality show in which it was filmed United kingdom.

Searching for a new star Make-up From this country has already started, so the producers of this series gathered Top 10 makeup artists Who will compete to win first place.

But for this they will have to face severe tests, and this is not just a file Make-up Like we all know, no, here the participants will fight with new forms and practices that not everyone will be able to go to graceful.

Why should I see it?

In addition to enjoying the creativity of each of 10 participants, You will learn that make-up is not only for one type of person, because this tool is in demand in almost all sectors of art. Technical.

You will also know each of the branches Make-up Well, it is not only the place where the false eyelashes, eyeliner and a stunning base are placed which makes perfect face, because there are several stay Within this art such as the special effects that have become one of my favorites Participants.

Beside that reality show It is a clear example of inclusion because among the participants there is a large variety of personalities and identities, each with a different story that inspired them. take photo his art On the faces of people who will make up around season.

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Only as an introduction we can tell you that among the participants is a girl Driver, a African American woman Whose little daughter was a woman whose biggest mover in life Muslim whose religion does not prevent her from expressing her art and her personality non-binary And many participants.

By the way, if you are a loyal follower of this series “the crown”, Subscribers to the third season of “glow up” They will do something very special for this old chain.

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