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The calendar is about to say goodbye to this year, and the Urban Planning District has almost closed the month of December with the final Planning Commission reporting, among other things, on the Internal Repair Plan (PERIM) of Reino Unido Street, which is supposed to be for the construction of a residential building, Although the first thing he needs to do is change the use of the building space for an old plot of land owned by the developer Vistahermosa which he sold to the company “Florencia Real Estate Management and Promotion”.

In this case, the land reserves a buildable area limited to 430 m2 for residential use with a maximum of two single-family homes, and 2,307 m2 for a third use, so the aim is to obtain a total buildable area from this land for construction: a building that could, in principle, It will have five floors as required by legislation, a proposal that receives a positive report from Urban Planning as long as it corrects and submits the missing documentation.

The PERIM area in the UK immediately jumped to the political level, although it does not seem controversial because it is not located in a sensitive area of ​​​​the city, but it supports complex mobility and constant saturation of cars, so the discussion centered on finding a way to desaturate that street in conjunction with new homes. . Specifically, Mobility and Transport Consultant Ignacio Jiménez asked whether the developer could be forced in the future to enable underground parking on the ground floor of a building that plans, at a minimum, to have an alternative parking space.

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In principle, “berim” is limited to changing the use of the buildable area, but urban planning has indicated this possibility. However, the problem is so striking that Jiménez persisted with the problem and even launched a proposal to enable an underground parking lot in the 346 square meter green area that the developer will have to abandon due to this urban change. But these are proposals that urban planning will have to study later, once the procedures are completed, with the reconstruction project and housing construction project proposed at that time.

Although Texima Fernández, from IU-Vamos, commented that in Toledo “there is a lot of empty and closed housing” and again asked the City Council to ask the promoters of the different urban projects they are presenting to pay attention to their formulation. Because they either include outdated laws or legislation that have nothing to do with Toledo.

In addition, he put forward the necessity of equipping the future green area of ​​this plot in front of the church with trees suitable for the meteorological conditions of the city and enabling it to be exploited and the “six benches without shade” were not placed. Without further ado” to comply with the legal minimum.

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