Navigate to some coordinates and find out those of the place

Many of us would agree that Google Maps is an extension A more complete browser. It contains the best information about all places, routes, roads and streets. You can see the virtual map, 2D or 3D satellite view app, to make sure you open Street View and you will find the shop, building or gate you were looking for. For each business establishment or tourist place you will have a file containing all relevant information (address, contact, website, reviews …). And of course, you can reach all places through their coordinates or get them from any point on the globe.

Other GPS navigators may be more comfortable or easier in the interface to navigate a route compared to Google Maps. Apps like TomTom, Sygic or Garmin are clearly designed for the best road navigation experience. But they do not have The best geographic informationIn this case, Google Maps dominates.

What are the geographical coordinates?

It is the way of representing with numbers A Concrete position on the ground. The planet is “sliced” with imaginary lines in both directions, horizontal (latitude) and vertically (longitude), numbered to be able to identify it.


Google Maps is based on the coordinate system WGS84 (World Geodetic System 1984) which is represented mainly by two numbers latitude and longitude for north and east positively, and for south and west negatively. Symbols can be worked in decimal and hexadecimal systems interchangeably, Google Maps is compatible with both systems.

However, it is important to consider some small requirements that the application requires when referring to coordinates. If we use the system Decimal number We’ll have to use the period “.” As a symbol for decimals (the comma “,” would be incorrect). for the system hexadecimal We cannot use ‘g’ to indicate degrees, but instead ‘º’. We must also keep in mind that the latitude coordinates are indicated first (between -90° and 90°) and then the longitude coordinates (between -180° and 180°).

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Some examples of Formats From coordinates supported on Google Maps:

  • 41° 24’12.2″N 2°10’26.5″E (degrees, minutes, and seconds).
  • 1 24.2028, 2 10.4418 (degrees and minutes with decimals).
  • 41.40338, 2.17403 (degrees with decimals).

What do they use?

It may be having problems with Place names or streets. Sometimes they are represented by a local language or dialect and even if they have the address in Spanish we may not find it. Another problem that can arise is when you want to go to a certain point in a national park, beach or island. This type of place is not organized on the streets or gates that you can look for in the maps. These are geographical coordinates, which represent an exact point on the map using a standard language common throughout the world.

Other interesting uses revolve around the site extreme places. Geographical areas that are not correctly identified. This is the state of the eclipse, in these cases, NASA reports where the total eclipse will be estimated. You can always see it from some city or municipality on the planet, but there are times when researchers have to go to a lost point in the desert or ocean. In this case, the coordinates are the only tool to locate and navigate to those places. The best way to find those locations by coordinates is without a doubt Google Maps. The free app is available on all devices with an internet connection, both on the web and with the official app itself.

Navigate to some coordinates

One common situation when working with coordinates in Google Maps is that instead of giving you the exact address, road or street name, you have Coordinates for reference.

from the web

This is done in the same way as entering the name of a place, commercial building or address using the search engine at the top left, only we will replace the postal information with the coordinates. Overall, it’s a process that shouldn’t cause you any trouble as long as the coordinates are correct and in a compatible format.

  • go to the web de google maps.
  • enter to Student The coordinates provided to you are according to the supported formats.
  • Click the button how to get.
  • Select the Transfer that you will use to find out the way.
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Search coordinates in Google Maps

from Android

The most common is that we use this type of tool from a mobile device when we are going to make the path and go to some coordinates. After all, if we use the home computer, we will see the location of the coordinates but will not be able to use the real-time navigator. To do this, you must follow the steps from the file Your smartphone or tablet deceives Android Son:

  • Open the app Google Maps (You will have it pre-installed, otherwise Download it from Play Store).
  • Enter the coordinates in the correct format on the file search box It is located at the top.
  • On the screen with the result and the location of the coordinates, tap how to get .
  • Select the Way Which corresponds: by car, public transport, on foot …

Infrared Coordinated Google Maps for Android

from iOS

The process is similar in iPhone and iPad With privacy that we must necessarily install APP de Google Maps, on Apple products it is not preinstalled. Although Google products in the Apple ecosystem have an increasing degree of integration, it will not be the same as working with Google Maps on Android.

  • Open the app Google Maps.
  • Entry coordinates compatible format.
  • You will see the screen with the result, press there how to get At the bottom.
  • Select the Transfer It will take you there.

Go to ios google maps coordinates

Know the coordinates of the place

You may also need the reverse process. You know a place, whether it is far away or not, you have all the information about it or not, and you have to do it Know what its coordinates are.

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from the web

This procedure is much simpler than the other way around. Maybe you need to comment on a friend or co-worker in a specific place and can’t write all the explanations to guide them, with two mouse clicks you will have the coordinates ready to share. Get the coordinates For a place on the map in Google Maps is done as follows:

  • arrive to web de google maps from your browser.
  • Put your mouse pointer at the exact point and do Right click.
  • Act Click Coordinates (the first item in the popup) to copy to clipboard.
  • paste them In the text where you want to share.

Get web coordinates from Google Maps

from Android

Although the process of navigating to some coordinates in Google Maps for Android devices was already quite simple, the way to get them from a point on the map It’s easier. Working with Google services in the Android environment is usually very smooth as you can see:

  • Open the app Google Maps.
  • fixed it In the selected area of ​​the map.
  • In the popup sign You will see the coordinates of that place.
  • Click on coordinates Copy it to clipboard and share it.

Get coordinates in google maps android

from iOS

with the google maps app Installed, the process of obtaining the coordinates of a point on the map is similar to the rest. In this case, instead of getting the coordinates with one click, we will have to get to the tab with the red flag, let’s see:

  • open the APP de Google Maps.
  • Choose the desired point on the map and fixed it.
  • Download “blindDown and you will see the coordinates.
  • Hold on to them and tap copy.

Get the coordinates of Google Maps iOS

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