NATO conducts one of the largest cyber security exercises in the world

The Baltic country’s defense ministry said the coalition’s cyber exercises began Monday in Estonia, with the aim of “increasing the capabilities of NATO members and partners to defend their networks and cooperate in cyberspace.” This is one of the largest military exercises of its kind in the world.

In its fifteenth edition, the Cyber ​​Alliance brings together about 1,000 cyber defense professionals from NATO countries, as well as from Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Georgia and Japan, to which Korea has been added, from Monday to Friday. . from the south as an observer. Participants are trained to defend critical infrastructures against alleged cyberattacks and to develop operations of a similar nature in support of NATO forces.

Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur stated that cyberattacks have been carried out against some NATO members, as well as against Ukraine. “Therefore, the Allies need to go through a large number of possible scenarios, at the NATO level, to ensure that if we are asked about cyber-attacks, we can continue to answer: yes, there were some scenarios, but they have not yet had a significant impact.”

Meanwhile, Director of Exercise Charles Elliott, a veteran US Navy officer, emphasized that “Allies are committed to protecting their critical infrastructure, increasing resilience and strengthening their cyber defense.” “We will continue to guard against such malicious cyber activities in the future, and support each other to deter, defend and counter the full range of cyber threats,” he said, noting that NATO’s actions include “potential mass counter-attacks.”

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