NASA publishes a stunning image of the dune sea surrounding the Martian polar ice cap

Detail of the sea of ​​dunes surrounding the Martian Ice Sheet.

Detail of the sea of ​​dunes surrounding the Martian Ice Sheet.
picture: NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory- California Institute of Technology / Arizona State University

Mars never ceases to amaze us with its beauty. Last Thursday, NASA released a wonderful snapshot of one of the sand dune seas on the Red Planet, and the truth is that it has no waste..

Dunes that was the image Carved by the Martian wind, found around the polar cap It is in the mailIt is the north pole of the planet. All the space it occupies Photo of her yet 30 kilometers, though The sea of ​​sand dunes consists of an area larger than the entire area of ​​Spain.

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picture: NASA / JPL-Caltech / ASU

Simple warning: the colors in the image are difficult. These are not the actual colors of the Martian surface, but rather they are associated with different temperatures. Bluish tones Concentration Cold climates and shades of yellow correspond to “The dunes that were The sun heats it up, “as NASA explains in its book Publishing.

This amazing image was obtained by combining Various photos were taken Between December 2002 and November 2004 Through orbit Mars Odyssey, the longest-lived ship in history Of which they have I worked in the vicinity of the Red Planet.[Via:[Vía:[عبر:[Vía:ScienceAlert]

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