Naranja X presented a range of clothing without discrimination for its expertise and sales teams

Once again, fintech has been encouraged to rethink its operations in terms of diversity and sustainability. The company is launching its new line of ready-to-wear with no gender discrimination, durable and sustainable standards. More than 1,300 employees in the branch will be able to choose between 12 sizes based on their body and comfort.

October 30, 2022 08.44

Orange X Presented in its Buenos Aires offices, the new clothing capsule for those who collaborate in 170 branches Distributed across the country, designed and manufactured without discrimination and with sustainability standards, under the motto We broke the mold!

With this initiative, The company aspires to represent diversity, so that all people can be authentic and feel comfortable in their daily life. This is how a range of durable, versatile and functional apparel has been developed which in turn promotes reduced carbon footprint, circular fashion and the triple effect.

To prepare, meticulous and personalized work of 12 size table s demolish who understands 3XS to 6XL and shoes in size 35 to 45. As a result, they designed Eight dresses with three designs of straight-cut shirts, a jean shirt, an oversized jumpsuit, and two models of jeans: straight and skinny; Comfortable white sneakers. In return, everyone will be able to take their measurements and choose the designs that they feel best, in advance and in good conscience. In other words, a set so that each person can choose his own style.

as calculated Julieta Lopez, Head of Brand for Naranja X.: This, for our company, really puts people at the center. From marketing, the remodeling process started with listening to people and then, setting ourselves a goal of having endless combinations and styles with the same clothes; How many people are using it?.

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They started with $30,000 and expect to pay $10 million in 2023: qui

The new genderless collection includes sizes and moldings from 3XS to 6XL and shoe sizes from 35 to 45.

to view the group, Orange X It listened to collaborators’ needs, consulted with experts, was inspired by trends but from a long-term perspective, suppliers were aligned, tested and corrected many times until they eventually broke the mold.

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They started with 50 T-shirts for friends, and today they produce 200,000 pieces of clothing per year.

This project is a clear example of how any team in the company can incorporate the triple impact approach when facing their challenges and achieving change at scale. Redesigning clothing is a first step so that, year after year, we have a greater positive impact on both people, the environment and our value chain.”And the Add Pablo Poco, Social Innovation Leader at Naranja X..

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The launch of this capsule reflects a huge development, as the collections have traditionally been designed with a distinction between men and women; A full renewal every 6 months, and positions are differentiated between sales representatives and branch advisors. Who broke the mold! There will be one set for all people, lasting over time and enhancing horizontality.


Throughout the year, and in the hands of consultants such as Bridge The Gap, Contrat Trans or Libertate, Naranja X enhances the training of its teams, with training on gender issues, LGBTIQ+ diversity and accessibility, among others, as they seek to raise awareness and build a culture Diverse, comprehensive and innovative. On the other hand, new licenses have been extended and added this year, in order to promote shared responsibility, work-life balance and justice.

Since 2021, Orange X has been carbon-neutral and reduces environmental impactto become the first Fintech company in the country to offset all its emissions since 2020 through renewable agriculture and livestock projects in different regions of the country.

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