Naomi Campbell, goddess of the catwalk

The world of fashion in its history has had many great muses, the gods of the catwalks who gave life, color and style to the most discerning fashion, among them the British, Naomi CampbellToday, May 22nd, celebrates 52 years of motherhood.

It was only last year that she announced the birth of her daughter, without giving any explanation as to whether she was pregnant or had followed any medical procedure to become a mother: “Not adopted, she is my (biological) daughter,” the model said. fashion From the UK in an interview where she made an offer for the fashion designer’s publication lens.

“I always knew that one day I would have a daughter. I can count on the fingers of one hand how many people knew I was waiting for her. It’s the greatest blessing I can imagine; it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.” Summarize the magazine Welcome! From statements made by Naomi for the British edition of Vogue magazine.

In fact, a few days ago during the MET Gala, New York’s most important fashion event, she shared a photo where her young daughter saw her on TV while posing in front of the paparazzi’s lens on the steps of the museum.

(From left to right) Donatella Versace, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio and Zoe Kravitz at the 2017 Foundation for AIDS Research Gala. AFP/file

Although he is a legend of the fashion shows, Naomi They lived the honey of success in the nineties with other colleagues such as Claudia chevreLinda the Angelist Kate mossAnd Cindy CrawfordAnd Tyra BanksAnd Kristi TurlingtonAnd Beverly Peel s shalom Harlow. All of them paved the way for today’s supermodels who are also influencers. However, Naomi and her companions at that time, being models, elevated their profession to the rank of celebrity.

As Vogue describes, Naomi has always had an amazing career, she was born in 1970, in Streatham in London, in a middle-class neighbourhood. His mother of Jamaican descent was a dancer and nothing is known about his father. When the model was 8 years old, she appeared in a video of Bob Marley, at 10 she was already destined to dance at the London Academy of Dramatic Art and when she turned 14, she was discovered by the director of Synchro Agency, says the magazine.

Additionally, it is reported that in her early days as a model, Naomi was the inspiration and star of Ezz El Din Alaa, who took her to Paris. She’s dressed by just about every designer there has been, even starring in music clips like George Michael’s “Freedom” and starring in guest appearances, as well as in documentaries focusing on the topic of fashion.

Left to right, Naomi Campbell, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Joan Collins, and Julianne Moore attend the Metropolitan Art Institute of Fashion Merit Gala to celebrate the opening of the exhibition “Camp: Notes on Fashion” in May 2019, in New York. AP / file

Naomi was not exempt from the controversy, as she was heavily criticized for her mood swings, with she reportedly becoming violent in certain situations. The truth is that Naomi is a brave, very confident, energetic and empowered woman which are the traits that have propelled her to rise in the modeling world and generate a legacy that inspires other women to reach for their dreams. .

Highlight fashion Although in the ’90s she was the hottest supermodel, she had to break with stereotypes, because although she was the first black supermodel on the cover of fashion Paris, She had to contend with the racism of her skin color in the commercial field, because even though she was the star of the rallies, it was actually her white comrades who signed lucrative contracts with the brands. So Naomi had to work harder to get the same benefits, now things have changed but there is still a way to go.

Naomi is the indelible queen of time and has also been the inspiration for Pierpaolo Piccoli, Kim Jones, Zac Posen, and Jean Paul Gaultier, among others. The model continues to work, continues to be the most productive, and corroborates with every step she takes that she is a woman of survival.

Nine supermodels, including Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, were shown on August 12, 2012, at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. EFE/File

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