Musk delays Twitter’s launch of payment verification again

Elon Musktwitter head, Postpone the re-launch of the new platform account authentication systemwhich will consist of a paid subscription, without providing a start date.

The new release of Blue Verified has been delayed until there is a high level of confidence in stopping identity theft. There will likely be a different color for organizations and individuals

Musk tweeted late Monday.

The billionaire announced this last week This new system will be relaunched on November 29th.

Add verification option for subscribersopen to all users For eight dollars a monthIt was one of the billionaire’s biggest projects since he bought the social network at the end of October.

Twitter’s paid subscription, Musk’s plan

earlier this month, Musk said Twitter’s relaunch of paid subscription service will include account authenticationarguing that the plan would change the “existing system of lords and peasants” for the platform and create a new source of income for the company.

however, On the first attempt to start the job on iPhone Saw an embarrassing wave of fake accounts scaring off advertisers.

Verified accounts with millions of followers have been banned After changing his username to “Elon Musk”.

Twitter suspended paid verification They returned the “official” gray badge to accounts belonging to public figures and major institutions.

The billionaire has since reinstated some of the banned accounts that impersonated him, including that of comedian Kathy Griffin.

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Before Musk acquired Twitter, the platform offered free identity verification to organizations and public figures Twitter Blue offered unrelated customization features.

Twitter Blue is part of the plans From the owner also to Tesla and SpaceX to Diversifying the company’s sources of incomewhose financial health relies heavily on advertising revenue.

Since the acquisition, Many major advertisersincluding Volkswagen, General Motors and General Mills, They announced that they would be suspending their advertising on Twitter.

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