Murdoch launched his new channel in the UK with an interview with Trump

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch launched the UK’s “TalkTV” channel with an “uncensored” interview with former US President Donald Trump, in which he criticized Prince Harry, the grandson of Elizabeth II, and his wife Megan.

The channel began broadcasting at 7:00 pm (1800 GMT) with the journalist Tom Newton Dunn Introducing TalkTV as a ‘Bold New Network’. After a news program that covered important current issues, such as the case of a British soldier captured in Ukraine, comprehensive writing and Prince Andrew, the network was scheduled to broadcast an interview with star journalist Piers Morgan with Donald Trump, on an “uncensored” (uncensored) program.

A promotional clip showed the former US President being furious when asked about his allegations that the 2020 elections were “stolen” from him. It is a statement, trump mention it later Morgan He attempted to “illegally and misleadingly modify his long and boring interview”. But the journalist emphasized that when it is broadcast “everything will be there”.

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The ex-president also speaks while meeting the Queen’s grandson Isabel II And his American wife, who has lived in California since they left the British monarchy in 2020. According to excerpts published by the newspaper. the sunwho is also affiliated with Murdoch, Trump agreed to the claim that Prince Harry, 37, is under the control of Meghan and considered that the couple would end up splitting.

TalkTV It broadcasts on mainstream British television and streaming platforms, as well as on YouTube. It uses a staff of journalists from Murdoch’s News UK, which includes journalists such as times s the sunIt plans to broadcast the station’s programs on video Radio talk showsAnd it belongs to you, too.

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His group also launched another station in June 2020, Times RadioAs an alternative to news and current affairs station BBC. The latest audience numbers showed that Radio Times listeners fell by 21% in the last two quarters of 2021.

TalkTV itself will face another newcomer, the right wing GB . newswhose audience has settled on a low base after a shaky start in June 2021. Murdoch and his publishers have the advantage of being close to the British Conservative government, which is increasingly attacking BBC and private channel Channel 4.

The Australian-born media mogul has long been annoyed by British broadcast laws, which prevent the kind of right-wing pro-Trump demagoguery appearing on his channel. Fox News in the United States.

But Morgan and parts of Murdoch’s media empire, such as The Sun, have found merit in siding with the prime minister. Boris Johnson In criticizing the so-called “wake-up” movements such as anti-racism.

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