Municipal Health Commission, an essential ally for the well-being of Potosinos

San Luis Potosi SLP. – The recently merged Municipal Health Commission will be a guarantor of the human right to health and will be a great ally in the goal of San Luis Potosi certification as a healthy environment and community, with the support of all districts that make up the City Council, said DIF System Director of the Metropolitan City Council, Jessica Albarán Ramírez .

He pointed out that the issue of health is a priority of the municipal government, especially since the epidemic has led to an increase in various types of diseases that affect not only the physical health, but also the mental health of a large part of the population. Mayor, Enrique Galindo, it is essential that San Luis Potosi belong to the national and state networks of health municipalities.

He stressed that this is of great importance because municipal bodies, such as the DIF, are often the first contact and always go first when there is a problem.

He pointed out that the above represents a responsibility not to neglect the current conditions, especially since the municipality is the closest example to citizens, but it always works in coordination with the state authorities in planning, implementing and evaluating the state’s general policies. the health.

In this sense, the municipal official highlighted the importance of the initiative of Mayor Enrique Galindo to create the Municipal Public Health Directorate, with the aim of giving these services to those who need them most, a task in which all districts of the City Council will participate. its areas of expertise.

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He explained that this would be done subject to the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, the Public Health Act and the San Luis State Health Act.

Potosi, affirms at all times the commitment with the various institutions of the federal and state governments.

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