Municipal governments in Uruguay distribute unemployment benefits – Prensa Latina

This proposal was submitted by the Presidential Secretary, Alvaro Delgado, to the Representative Board of the Permanent Commission of Regional Administrative Leaders, which met two days ago in the National Executive Office.

As the mayor of Salto, of the Broad Front, Andres Lima, explained at the end of the meeting, it is about offering 15,000 places by lot with a wage of $ 300 for 12 days of work for only six months. .

The Executive Authority expects that the application of the program will be in charge of the municipalities, with the invitation of interested parties and applicants who register and assign tasks to be performed, in the areas of cleaning and guardians of the buildings.

As the Ministry of Labor admitted, last year 60,000 jobs were lost, the unemployment rate rose to 11%, while the University of the Republic confirmed that 100,000 Uruguayans fell into poverty.

The Amplio Senator, economist Daniel Olsker, pointed out that the government’s investment to support the population amounted to 1.5 percent of GDP, the lowest in Latin America, which was $ 452 million in 2020. It decreased to $ 430 million. In 2021.

For his part, Mario Bergara, who is also a lawmaker at the Amplio Front, said that countries that do not spend resources in the midst of the crisis and prefer to implement adjustments “at a later time the reconstruction of reality will be more difficult and more expensive.” Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and poverty are something to be avoided.

Since the start of the health crisis, the opposition political force and the Pit Cnt Central Syndicate have advocated a minimum wage to support around 300,000 Uruguayans who have lost income and are struggling.

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