Movie premiere: Vertigo offers a height-limited experience that is narrated with artistic and visual skill

vertigo (failUnited States – United Kingdom / 2022). Tabuk: Scott Mann. script: Scott Mann and Jonathan Frank. Photography: McGregor. Music: Tim Disbeck. Version: Robert Hall. spit: Grace Caroline Currie, Virginia Gardner, Mason Gooding, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Period: 107 min. distributor: BFParis. Eligible: Suitable for ages 13 and up. We saw: Good

Although he plagiarizes the title of one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of cinema and distances himself from the original term chosen by the officials (fail“Drops”), vertigo It’s still a sensible choice to lead a local premiere of a survival story in dire conditions. The Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy explicitly refers to height vertigo as “the feeling of insecurity and fear of falling from a height or the possibility of someone else falling.”

That’s exactly what this movie is about. To describe everything that happens to a character (or two, as in this case) 609 meters high, in the middle of the California desert, propped up barely on a brittle metal structure atop a rusty radio antenna. And in the same act, to build in the scenes a game of constant tension and suspense around the entire observational framework of that extreme experience.

There are not many secrets in this repetitive exercise. vertigo It’s built according to the rules of a long-written instruction manual for telling this kind of story. Becky (Brunette Grace Caroline Corrie) is a daredevil girl who shares boyfriend Dan (Mason Gooding) and best friend Hunter (blonde Virginia Gardner) a risky practice: climbing stone walls or mountain walls with your hands, without any other help than small cables or harnesses.

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Dan loses his balance and falls into the void in the first scene, Becky can’t get over from there on uncontrollable pain and Hunter later returns to her life offering to return to the heights as penance. Reach the top of the radio antenna as a final estimate of who’s gone. Becky hesitates until she feels that her nature is stronger. But the experience will not be what we imagine: the weakened structure will gradually show the adventurers its dangers and threats, as in the horror story.

Two characters are in a limited survival situation

We can anticipate almost everything that happens to heroes, their battle against the elements, and devices that fail or fail at the last minute. There are some pitfalls in the text (those who have seen aimlessanother exciting adventure but on the high seas they’ll discover soon) and some typical TV series twists, but the best of the vertigo It is in a feat jointly created by a daring director, photographer (Spanish MacGregor) and editor who has a perfect idea of ​​the use of space and time management, and manages to create a sense of emptiness, depth and unity in heights as if visual effects had not been invented. This true display of subtlety between technology and human drama maintains an interest in a story that would lose almost all of its interest if pursued in any space that does not have the dimensions of cinema.

In a brief role (almost a cordial collaboration) appears Jeffrey Dean Morgan, another expert on survival stories under extremely complex circumstances.

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