Most notable Mexican baseball players in the 2021 MLB season

With only a few days left until the start of the 2021 MLB season, the Dodgers led by Julio Aurias will aim to win the championship twice, but it will not be the only Aztec player on the Diamonds, as there will be other Mexicans who will try to help their teams reach the World Championship.

There are over 20 associated with Mexico.

It is a total of 41 players and 5 coaches. 27 of them were born in the national territory and 19 who were born in another country (especially the United States) have Mexican or Mexican ancestry and by personal decision, they defend the green, white and red flag.

In fact, of those nineteen who were not born in Aztec land, seven of them actually wore the green shirt and represented Mexico, while the remaining twelve expressed a desire to do so, including current runner-up Randy Aruzarina, who is from Tampa. Gulf rays.

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Of the 41 total, not everyone will be playing in the 2021 season.

15 out of 17 are on active lists for their teams and it looks like they already have a secured spot. While another 5, at the moment they are considered reserves, but it is expected with the possibility of obtaining space.

Among the ones everyone wants to know are those who have a great chance to play and their roster is clear, because these are the Mexicans who are active in the MLB 2021 season:

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Julio Aurias (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Giovanni Gallegos: St. Louis Cardinals

Luis Sisa: New York Yankees

Randy Aruzarina: Rays of Tampa Bay

Alejandro Kirk (Toronto Blue Jays)

Sergio Romo – Auckland Athletics

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