Morocco will supply energy to homes in the UK

Morocco's renewable energy production levels have achieved the status of a global energy exporter, of which the UK wants to be one of the main beneficiaries.

The Moroccan energy source, which arises from solar energy, wind energy, green hydrogen, and more recently from organic waste, has positioned itself as the most advanced in the Maghreb region and one of the most important in Africa.

This project confirms that Morocco has taken important steps to become a global source of energy within the framework of the future plan of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, which aims to achieve qualitative change in the context of the wide diversity of renewable energy sources. Morocco also plans to cover 50% of its energy needs through renewable energy sources by 2030.

Through an underwater cable that will connect the Western Sahara region to the British Archipelago, Morocco plans to provide energy to the homes of more than 7 million people and create more than 1,350 job opportunities.

The British government wants to accelerate the completion of energy links with Morocco, indicating that this is a matter “National Project” It is an important partner for Morocco, as London plans to invest in clean energy in the future. The Alawite nation can achieve this goal thanks to its great capabilities in the field of energy.

An infographic that includes all the technical details of the project -image/networks/@xlinks_uk

links, Based in the United Kingdom, it has announced the appointment Vegar Serthwaite Larsen as Executive Technical Director to lead the submarine cable manufacturing project Worth 1.4 billion pounds ($1.7 billion). The process includes building four huge undersea cables to supply British homes with 3.6 gigawatts of energy by 2030, a huge project that will meet 8% of Britain’s electricity needs.

Larsen said: “Completion of the cable will begin in the first month of 2024 and will connect to the solar and wind energy sectors in the Moroccan desert.”

The British government wants to accelerate the completion of electrical connections between Morocco and the United Kingdom, which is considered a step “National Project” London will invest in clean energy in the coming years.

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However, according to what was reported by the specialized media outlet, Electric, the first phase of the project will begin with the installation of four cables in early 2027. The remaining three cables will connect Devon Island in England to the city of Guelmim, south of Agadir, and will be operated in 2029.

Renewable energy station in Morocco – Photo/AFP

On January 26, the Emirati company “Taqa” and the British “Octopus” group announced funding worth $37 million for a project to connect electricity lines between Morocco and the United Kingdom. King Mohammed VI has stressed on several occasions that “Morocco will be a low-carbon economy in the coming decades.” It wants all factors to contribute to the success of the renewable energy projects that it launched and promoted vigorously to stimulate the economy.

The strengthening of Morocco's sovereignty in this promising region is almost complete. Morocco has great potential for renewable energy production, with approximately 5,000 hours of wind energy available annually and an additional 2,500 hours of solar energy.

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