Morocco strengthens cyber security ties with the UK

minister foreign affairs Moroccan, Nasser BouritaHe met in London with his British counterpart, les trussTo strengthen political and economic relations between the two countries, especially increasing cooperation between them cyber security. At the beginning of this year, a trade treaty between the two kingdoms signed in October 2019 entered into force, which was later extended to other matters, including defense, according to Madrid-based media. Atalayar, largely focused on Morocco.

The meeting that took place now strengthens the relations between the two countries, which, according to the foregoing, have intensified significantly since the beginning of the year with the aforementioned agreement. The explicit reference to cybersecurity occurs, according to both ministers, because it is an area that is “increasingly important.” In a joint statement, Moroccan and British authorities pledged to fight cybercrime.

The publication also includes information from the Moroccan newspaper Bladi That the British Home Office and General Directorate of Information Systems Security (DGSSI) from Morocco a pioneering project in the field of cyber security related to cyber analysis. Morocco is the first country in which the United Kingdom associates with International Telecommunication Union and the Oxford university, concludes an agreement of this kind, as indicated in the joint statement of both countries, which was reported by the Moroccan media.

fight against terrorism

What is more, Bladi The two parties announced the creation of a new Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity for Africa in Morocco. The joint statement issued after the meeting of the two ministers, which is considered the third session of the strategic dialogue between the two countries, presented the British-Moroccan call for taking decisive international measures against terrorism and violent extremism in all its forms. .

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This rapprochement between Rabat and London comes two weeks after Morocco signed an unprecedented military agreement with Israel, as a result of the so-called Abraham’s agreementspromoted a year ago by the then President of the United States, Donald TrumpBy imposing Moroccan rapprochement with Israel in return for the American recognition of the sovereignty of the North African country over the former Spanish territory of Western Sahara.

Interestingly, regarding cybersecurity, among the defense and security systems that Israel has already supplied to Rabat is spyware. winged horse, of the NSO company, which according to Amnesty International, among other organizations, Morocco spied on the President of France, Emmanuel MacronWhich was denied by the authorities of the North African kingdom.

The same is true of Western Sahara

The Secretary of the House of Representatives welcomed the normalization of relations between Israel and Morocco Foreign relations British, Dominic RabWith satisfaction, it is considered a positive step between two important British partners. Although Raab made it clear at the time that the British position “on the situation in Western Sahara has not changed”. He explained in his speech that “the United Kingdom supports efforts to reach negotiated and mutually acceptable political solutions that guarantee self-determination for both the Palestinian people and the people of Western Sahara.”

After a brief period , British Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa and the Commonwealth OfficeAnd James CleverlyIn response to a parliamentary question, he explained that the association agreement “the United Kingdom-Morocco is implemented in the same way as the agreements concluded between the European Union and Morocco,” and that there has been no change in “our position on the situation of the Moroccan Sahara, which we consider undefined.” In short, as the Moroccan title summarizes BladiThe UK is not ready to follow the example of the US, which a year ago recognized Rabat’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

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