Morena’s candidate election could become a ‘sibling struggle’: Montreal

Senator Ricardo Monreal Be warned that the internal discord in Morena, l Candidacy for the presidency By 2024, it may turn into a “sibling conflict” in the party.

He stressed that the expected presidential succession was a mistake because it generates a “shock phase” between the candidates and may become more severe in tone and action.

The internal strife (in Morena) is caused by Early presidential succession He pointed out that it could become a fratricidal battle in which we all lose and move away from ratifying the victory on 24.”

in Press ConferenceThe legislator said that within Morena “there are minds” associated with an applicant – a man or a woman – who believe that “the liquidation of other opponents will make the candidacy without problems” and that this could cause a rupture in the party.

Lee: “We will not expose ourselves to any farce”; If Morena chooses a presidential candidate by ballot, I won’t participate: Monreal

I’m not looking for a consolation position: Monreal

The Senate rejected Ricardo Monreal as he sought to be Morena’s nominee for Mexico City headquarters; He stated that he was not looking for a “comfortable position”.

I want to be the president of national reconciliation. As soon as the call arrives, I will sign up to succeed President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. I am not looking for a consolation jobof personal residence or compensation status,” he said

Senate Leader Brown woman Thanks for the attention Jesus Zambrano, Party of the Democratic Revolutionto think about it for 2024, but confirmed that he would run and win the internal elections for his party.

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Among the likely candidates for Morena’s presidential nomination, President Lopez Obrador mentioned Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard and Adan Augusto Lopez, and Ministers of Energy and Economy Rossio Nahle and Tatiana Cloutier, among others. Monreal is not listed there.

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