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They must have lost their minds in San Sebastian de los Reyes. It is not less than that.

Atresmedia has just concluded another month with the Triple Crown of the masses and has already achieved 6 months of absolute leadership: it is the leading group (despite having a channel less than Mediaset), Antena 3 is the leading channel and once again imposing laSexta fourth, its direct competitor. Triple Command is also carried over to prime time, with Atresmedia winning as a group; Antena 3 as a series and laSexta over its competition.

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According to the latest audience data, Antena 3 continues to lead and repeat as the leading TV with a share of 13.6%, the result of which it has achieved its eighth victory in the past nine months, and sixth in a row, consolidating its better leadership streak. in its history.

It is again the leading network in prime times, rising to 14.4% and maintaining its significant advantage over Telecinco in prime time (+3.7 points), also maintaining its dominance in the after-dinner (16.2%) and in the afternoon (13.8%) Its high period is from Monday to Friday (14.9%). It is, for another month, the channel with the most viewers, with 13.1 million viewers per day, and the most watched over time.

In addition, Antena 3 Noticias has 28 months of continuous driving; “Pasapalabra” and “El Hormiguero 3.0” are the most watched shows on TV, while “Infiel” is the most watched series on TV, “Alba” remains undefeated on Wednesday nights, adds “Tierra amarga” Another pioneering month in the afternoon. Historic greatest distance against its rival and “Amar es para siempre” continues as the most watched national series on a daily basis.

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For its part, laSexta reached 6.3% and is again the third most watched private channel in the country, again topping (it was 45th of the past 46 months) on Quattro. ‘[email protected]’ repeats her lead with her second-best historical score and ‘Investigation Team’ sets a season record.

As for topics, Atresmedia channels are expecting their maximum since August 2020 with a subscriber share of 7.9% and all their channels in growth per month: Nova (2.5%) achieves its seasonal record and is the leading female channel for 34 months. As well as the thematic primetime leader (2.7%). Neox (2%) is the highest and has its second best month of the cycle. Mega (1.6%) matched her best month of the season and continues to lead with “El Chiringuito de Jugones” at the top of the course. And Atreseries (1.9%) breaks the monthly historical maximum, and since its inception remains the leader among newly created themes.

Atresmedia (27.9%), with one channel less than its competition, is spending its sixth month as a leading audience group, with its best showing in April in 8 years and more than two points behind Mediaset. It also tops, for the eighth consecutive month, prime-time, with 27.8%, the group most watched every day, with 20 million unique viewers, as well as the most time-varying viewership.

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