Morelos Academy of Sciences seeks synergy for the benefit of entity scientists

In the presence of the authorities of the executive branch, directors of research centers and institutes and members of the scientific community, the protest was organized by members of the Board of Directors of the Morelos Academy of Sciences 2021-2023 headed by Dr. Fidel Alejandro Sanchez Flores.

With the representation of the Governor of Morelos, Ana Cecilia Rodríguez González, Minister of Economic Development and Labor who has led ACMor through nearly three decades, celebrated and highlighted that the innovation, science and technology ecosystem that exists in Morelos consists of research centers and institutes, businesses and government agencies that collaborate together for the benefit of the region .

Likewise, the state official emphasized that one of the main axes of the state government is to recognize and stimulate the work of the scientific, technological and innovative community in the state of Morelos, for which Board members 2021-2023 have been protested by Maria Luisa del Carmen Gardoño Ramirez of the Emirates Center for Chemical Research as Vice President, and Eduardo César Lazcano Ponce of the National Institute of Public Health Secretary of Health, as well as Jaime Eugenio Arau Rovel, a researcher at the National Center for Research and Technological Development and Horacio Martínez Valencia of the Institute of Physical Sciences at UNAM, as members, as well as President Dr Alejandro Sánchez Flores, a researcher at the Institute of Biotechnology at UNAM .

As part of ACMorse’s work plan, it was stated that they are already working on implementing the Quality Management System as well as forming new work cells called “Friends of the Academy” made up of students or academics who actively collaborate in ACMor’s activities.

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It was also highlighted that ACMor would seek to strengthen the relationship with both the state government and municipal administrations and mainly with Cuernavaca City Council which already had previous cooperation, as well as an approach to the current legislature of the Congress of Morelos.

“We want to strengthen the scientific environment in Morelos, we are a representative community that can contribute a lot to society, because it did and will continue to do so. In this sense, we will hold meetings with directors of research centers and academic entities to unite ranks and create new synergies,” said the president of ACMor.

In conclusion, he thanked the Academy for the trust and support the Academy has received from local, national and even international media, who consider this community a reliable source, and for his sake emphasized the availability of associates to continue providing reports based on scientific evidence. In this sense, he added that ACmor’s communication will be enhanced through its social networks and on the website

The virtual ceremony was attended by Dr. José Mario Ordonez, Academic Secretary of the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos, and Dr. Fernando Lozano Asensio, President of the Morelos UNAM Campus and Director of the Regional Center for Interdisciplinary Research, in Dra. Laura Alicia Palomares Aguilera, Director of the UNU Biotechnology Institute, Dr. Juan Angel Rivera Domarco, Director of the National Institute of Public Health, and Dr. Jaime de Urquijo Carmona, Director of the UNU Institute of Physical Sciences, Dr. Yesica Imelda Saavedra Benítez, Director of the National Center for Technological Research and Development, Dr. Victor Barba Lopez, Director of the UAEM Center for Chemical Research and Mtro. José Francisco Pulido Macías as President of the Council of Science and Technology of the State of Morelos as well as members of the Scientific Society of Morelos.

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