More than three million Panamanians called for general elections

At a press conference, the president of the TE, Judge Alfredo Junca, also specified that among the voters were 1 million 511 thousand 49 men (50.3 percent) and 1 million 493 thousand 34 women (49.7).

Presenting the electoral roll for this consultation, Junca added that of the total number of voters identified, two million 999 thousand 625 will do so in person and about three thousand 788 are part of the register of voters residing abroad; While 670 belong to the early voting register.

He pointed out that the two groups of voters will vote online only for the position of President of the Republic.

For his part, Judge Othman Valdes, Director of the Electoral Organization, confirmed that 45,411 people were excluded from the initial register, including deaths, young people who did not prepare their identities in advance, explicit or implicit renunciation of citizenship, and suspension of citizen rights. , among other reasons.

In this regard, he explained that if any citizen complains, he will not be able to make the necessary corrections because time has passed.

The authorities also announced that Telecom Egypt has made the advisory website and app, called “Verify”, available so people can check their voting center and station.

They said that with just over three months to go before the consultation, residents will be able to meet the candidates and their electoral proposals.

For his part, Judge Eduardo Valdes Escoffier stated that this is the seventh general election in the new democratic era in Panama and the court will continue to defend the freedom, integrity and effectiveness of the vote.

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On May 5, Panamanians will choose at the ballot boxes the new president and vice president of the country, 20 deputies in the Central American Parliament and 71 deputies in the National Assembly.

Through voting, they will also elect 81 mayors, 701 town representatives, and 11 council members, with their alternates, for the period from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2029.


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