More than 600 projects will participate in the regional edition of the Science Fair – Web de Noticias

  • This year, about 30,000 students participated in the district’s edition of the science and technology fair.
  • 951 projects were submitted for boys, girls, youth and adults from across the province.

A new district edition of the Science and Technology Fair in Cordoba Province has concluded. On this occasion, more than 30 thousand students from primary, primary, secondary and university levels participated in the fifty-third session, from all teaching modalities; From all the geography of Cordoba.

Of the 951 projects registered on the platform for this first degree, 173 correspond to the initial level, 483 to the primary level, 261 to the secondary level, and 34 to the higher level.

The evaluation of the submitted works reflected an excellent standard, and in this way, the 350 assessors involved in the task selected over 610 projects that will participate in the county instance as of November 1.

Objectives and areas of knowledge

The Fair has specific and critical objectives when it comes to generating the spirit of innovation, science, research and development. Thus, the Ministries of Science, Technology and Education in Córdoba seek to create an enabling environment to improve and enhance the scientific and technological knowledge of schools, and to facilitate the development of the capabilities and capabilities of these knowledge areas.

To achieve these goals, projects have been framed in the following knowledge areas:

  • Natural Science
  • Social sciences and humanities
  • Language and literature
  • mathematics
  • environmental education
  • technology education
  • Programming
  • Robotics
  • leading businesses
  • Moral and civic education
  • physical education
  • Technical languages

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