More than 43,000 signatures have been submitted in support of the Environmental Science Museum – Occidental

To the rhythm of Batucada, more than 500 workers from the University of Guadalajara’s unique union of workers (SUTUdeG) delivered 43,58 letters to Casa Jalisco signed from Jalisco in support of the construction of the Museum of Environmental Sciences and the Civil Hospital in Oriente.

The workers, mostly yellow helmets and black shirts with a legend supporting the entity’s highest house of studies, sang and danced as they went to the house where the governor, Enrique Alvaro Ramírez lived.

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They were led by José de Jesus Becerra Santiago, general secretary of the union, who emphasized that the rallies were not just to demand the return of 140 million pesos to the university budget to continue the museum project being built in front of the university. Telmex Hall, but due to the university community’s concern that those now aged 5-14 would not have the space to study higher education.

Becerra Santiago read the accompanying 43,58-character statement, in which the administrative and executive staff asked him to “reconsider the deduction of 140 million pesos for the Museum of Environmental Sciences which would not only benefit the state, but also the planet.”

The letters were delivered in boxes that were moved on a crane and delivered to Casa Jalisco employees, the highest amount since the university community began marching to demand the return of the resources, about two months ago.

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