More than 40 famous personalities will participate in the competition presented by Nouri

Freud family His new Antena 3 competition is approaching Nuria Roca I submitted that more than forty celebrities will participate in forming groups of 5 members, who will maintain a relationship with each other.

In the new promotion of the program you can see more than 40 celebrities From TV that will join groups of five and everyone will subscribe to a theme, whether they are presenters, comedians or fellow moderators.

Thus, there were already several confrontations between the groups that had already formed such as: “Participants of victory operation عملية against the representatives of Spain in Eurovision “ or ‘judges’ Your face is familiar to me versus judges singer maskIt will also be possible to see clashes between members of the programs leave interesting مثير hormijiro against take off.

Some of the many celebrities featured in the new Family Feud trailer include Jorge Fernandez, Silvia Gato, Jaime Cantizano, Rosa, Gisela, David Bustamante, Daniel Diggs, Karina, Lolita, Chinua, Carlos Latre, Manel Fuentes, Angel Lasserre, Javier Ambrosi, Javier Calvo, Jose Mota, Paz Vega, Sarla Harlem Salamo, David Guabo, Santiago Segura, Florentino Fernandez, Mickey Nadal, Dani Mateo, Lorena Castel, Marta Tourney, Marta Hazas, Maron, Juan Ibanez, Damian Mola or Juanra Bonet.

There are no wrong answers

The show does not have a release date yet, but humor, competition and excitement are guaranteed in Antena 3. In every show Two teams will face each other Each other in several rounds and they must guess the most common answer from a group of 100 people.

There are no wrong answers, but answers More popularity give more points Members will have to search for the best answer. The team with the most points wins and will donate €15,000 to the charities of their choice.

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family feud It has taken the world by storm in recent years. Quoted in 75 countries, It is currently broadcasting in 16 regions and has resurfaced last year. Only in 2020, the format has returned with great success to the UK, Australia, Argentina and Brazil and soon it will do so in France.

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