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The rating agency is aware of the stable behavior of the dual leverage indicator.

The change in perspective is attributable to the strong and consistent financial results of the Bank of Bogota, its appropriate risk management and capital stresses.

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August 06, 2021 – 06:24 am. NS.



rating company Moody’s Investor Services said Grupo Aval and Grupo Aval Limited’s debt rating is Ba2 and improves outlook. Rating from negative to stable.

(two UK ratings for Grupo Aval).

Moody’s Grupo Aval rating takes into account the structural subordination of the holdings’ obligations to those of Banco de Bogotá and its subsidiaries when representing them 68% of the Group’s consolidated portfolio and that Grupo Aval permanently and unconditionally guarantees the bonds of Grupo Aval Limited.

(Grupo Aval presents the results of sustainable development).

In its statement, Moody’s recognizes the stable behavior of Grupo Aval’s dual leverage index (119% in March 2021) and the high level of interest coverage backed by a strong dividend inflow from its Colombia affiliates. The change in rating outlook from negative to stable is attributable to Bank of Bogota’s strong and consistent financial results, appropriate risk management and capital stress.

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