Monica Vergara scores Mexico’s goal in the Women’s World Cup

The moment of truth has come for the Mexican women’s team. Monica Vergara has been appointed as the Mexican team’s chief strategist after achieving significant milestones with the Sub 20 class and is now on the cusp of a new and dual challenge in the Pre-Olympic Championship, as Not only the passage to the World Cup, but to the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

The pre-Olympic tournament will be held in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, where he will face El Tre Jamaica, Haiti and the United States. The goal is to qualify among the first two from Group A to secure passage to the 2023 World Cup.

Moment of Truth by Monica Vergara

If she passes the group stage, she will play in the semi-finals and if she wins, she will qualify for the Olympics, which is why Vergara considered that she and her team faced a chance to sign an unforgettable performance.

We have a great opportunity to do something unforgettable in our countrywith our fans, to have a global impact of what Mexico represents in all respects in any sporting event.” said the strategist.

This will be the first operation for the Mexican national team Liga MX Femenil fruits. Although the league started in 2017, it could not have much influence on the 2019 World Cup process due to the formation of teams without a structure and many clubs ignoring women’s football.

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Monterrey, the perfect venue for the World Cup

However, the players love Licha Cervantes or Katie Martinez They solidified into the league and spawned the competition, in addition to the fact that the royal teams also fostered a passionate fan base for women’s football, for which Monterrey was chosen as the venue for the tournament.

“Be grateful that we have this tournament in our country, in a country that supports so much, that broke the records of the fans and kept inviting them to support their national team. We We are very committed to making a very good offer, So that they feel a strong connection to this determination.” referred.

Mexico will make its debut against Jamaica and its second match will be against Haiti. If he wins both games, he can get to the duel against the United States with the World Cup ticket already closed.

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