Mobilization across France against the far right

More than a hundred marches and events are scheduled to be held across the country in light of the stated goal of the party led by Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella to gain power through an absolute majority in the National Assembly, which it aspires to in the legislative elections. June 30 and July 7 (second round).

For the first time on French soil, it is assumed that the rise of the far right is a real possibility, after the National Front party won by a large margin in the European elections last Sunday, obtaining 31.4 percent of the votes, more than double what the ruling party achieved. Ennahdha Party and its allies (14.6).

Looking at the legislative elections, opinion polls indicate the superiority of the far right over the coalition of leftist forces, the Popular Front and the ruling party, without guaranteeing that any camp will obtain absolute majority support in the lower constituencies. The House of Representatives, at least 289 out of 577 representatives, to demand the position of Prime Minister.

The country’s main unions, including the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT) and the Confederation General of Workers (CGT), were the first to call their members onto the streets this weekend.

Our republic and democracy are in danger, and France must respond to the social and environmental imperative and the aspirations of its workers, they said in a statement.

They also considered that President Emmanuel Macron shouldered a great responsibility by dissolving the National Assembly and calling for legislative elections in a context characterized by the proximity of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which will begin on July 26, and the holiday period.

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The newly formed Popular Front, made up of the socialist and communist parties, La Francia Insumesa and Europa Ecology Los Verdes, is supporting the demonstrations.

In its electoral program, which looks forward to the legislative elections, the bloc set its priorities as representing the authority’s alternative to the current government and stopping the advance of the extreme right.


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