Mobile will continue to receive support after Warzone Mobile launches

If you are a fan of Call of Duty: Mobile, do not worry, the arrival of Warzone Mobile at the present time does not mean its end

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is one of the most anticipated games of the year on iOS and Android

All Call of Duty: Mobile fans and casual players can rest assured. Indeed, developer TiMi Studio Group has already confirmed this Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile It will be available on mobile platforms on March 21, and compatible devices and minimum requirements have been announced, but this is the expected landing. It will not mean abandoning the original title and ending it So far we have it available in the Play Store.

This has precisely been one of the most justified concerns of current COD players on mobile, and that's about it Many believed that the arrival of Warzone would mean the eventual end of Call of Duty: Mobile In terms of support, updates and new seasons. Nothing could be further from realityAs you will see:

So this title is important to Battle Royale For iOS and Android It will continue to operate as we have known it so far, coexists without problems with the new title as of March 21. In fact, as you saw in mail Which we've included above, from the TiMi Studio Group they wanted Reassure fans directly On their social networks:

Call of Duty: Mobile will continue to receive new content each season and there are no plans to change the variety of content offered to COD:M players. Stay tuned for more information about the exciting new content we will be introducing this year!

In any case There's only one week left to go Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Land On both Android and iOS, so far You can register from this same link To be among the first to download it from Google Play as soon as the Activision franchise is made available to users.

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It is now awaiting confirmation Whether this coexistence between the two titles will be temporary or foreveralthough we realize that those responsible for distributing the video game, one of the most anticipated games of the year on mobile platforms, will have to wait some time to verify how to hack Warzone Mobile And player transfers Between the old address and the new one.

Aren't you already excited to try it on your mobile phones?

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