Missile gases remain in the atmosphere for a troublesome time

WASHINGTON, June 16 (PRINSA LATINA) Today the American Journal of Fluid Physics of the American Institute of Physics has warned of contamination by space rocket gases remaining in the Earth’s atmosphere for an alarming period.

The authors of the published article pointed out that thermal nitrogen oxides (NOx) should not be underestimated, as future releases could have a significant cumulative effect on climate.

In their research, they evaluated the effects of heat and mass transfer, as well as the rapid mixing of by-products burning at altitudes of up to 67 kilometers in the atmosphere.

Scientists at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus commented that there are still a certain number of rocket launches above which carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere, rises to natural levels and affects the climate.

They suggested that, in the worst case, they would produce enough nitrogen oxides during the time it takes for the rocket to reach an altitude of 10 kilometers to pollute more than two cubic kilometers of atmospheric air.

This focus – which they identified in the text – according to the World Health Organization would be at a level dangerous to human health.

We hope that commercial airlines and associated engine manufacturers will take these consequences into account in future designs, said Dimitris Drikakis, a British-Greek engineer and university professor.

Recently, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, among others, popularized the use of reusable space technologies to achieve low-cost transportation to outer space from Earth.

However, little is known about that rocket thrust emissions cause significant changes in heating and chemical changes in the atmosphere.

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