Minister highlights the inter-departmental bridge in Bolivia

The owner explained, “The investment in this work represents more than 209 million bolivianos ($30 million) with all its components, inspection, supervision, construction, and the clear economic resources allocated, after its completion (…), in the audit.”

Montaño explained in a press conference that the investment in building the bridge alone exceeds 167 million bolivianos ($24 million), which expenses include the double-lane bridge that is 14 meters wide and the piles that are 40 meters deep. Exclusive pedestrian access in both directions.

The previous day, President Luis Arce began work on this new infrastructure.

He confirmed that the fourth road linking the Bolivian Valley and the La Paz Highlands had been opened, highlighting that the bridge would shorten the producers' journey to commercial centers by four hours.

He pointed out that through the bridge, producers will reach directly to Independencia and from Independencia to Viento, Quilacolo or Tequipaia.

“Today, here is your national government coming to comply with the Inquisitive District of La Paz, and the District of Uyubaya in Cochabamba, and we start building this bridge over the Sacambaya River,” Arce said.

Al-Wajh pointed out that this bridge is a 209-year-old demand, and his government will turn it into reality with external funding and a draft law that has been paralyzed in the Legislative Council.

He added: “Seven months ago we could have done the same work and now we can actually witness the construction of this bridge, at least in hard work (…).”

According to the president's statements, the bridge and access to Cochabamba and La Paz will be built in 750 days, with a loan of about $30 million provided by the Andean Development Corporation.

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In order to meet this deadline, Arce asked the residents of Inquisivi and Uyupaya counties to be stewards and be aware of the progress of the project.

“From La Paz they will be able to transport their products to Cochabamba in fewer hours. There is no need to go around Caracolo, we will be able to fly directly and arrive directly to Viento.

The Head of State expressed his regret that other bills worth $825 million for works of social importance are “sleeping” in the Legislative Assembly.

According to data from the Ministry of Public Works, the Sakambaya Bridge will be two kilometers long and 14 meters wide, with pedestrian sidewalks on the upper and lower lanes.


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