Minera Fresnillo PLC Paid 50% Less Taxes in 2022 Grupo Milenio

Mining company Fresnillo PLC It stated during 2022 that it paid 222 million 640 thousand 432 dollars in taxes in mexico, 49.6 percent less Which prompted him in this case a year ago.

According to his report on compliance with his obligations to the governments in which the company, which is part of Grupo Bal, operates, he indicated that this It is to pay less to the Ministry of Finance and Public CreditSince last year it has received 127 million 754 thousand 167 dollars, 65.5 percent less than it was delivered in 2021.

We must remember that last year, The company’s activity was less and less minerals were extracted such as silver, lead, and zinc for improvements being made in some of their projects.

“Payments are reported at the project level, except for payments not attributable to a specific project, which are reported at the entity level,” the company said.

Within UK standards, a project is defined as Operating activities governed by a single contractlicense, lease, franchise, or similar legal agreement, and forms the basis Pay with the government.

Whether arrangements of this type are substantially interrelated (that is, they constitute an operationally and geographically integrated set of contracts, licences, leases or concessions) These are treated as a single project for the purposes of this regulation.

They state that indicators of integration include geographic proximity and joint operational management. For some Payments that cannot be attributed to a specific projectThese are referenced at the entity level.


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