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Mindfulness translates to “awareness” or “full attention” and is a special kind of meditation, the goal of which is to pay attention in a specific way: with a purpose, in the present moment and without creating value judgments.

Maintaining mental health care is vital to meeting the daily challenges that life presentsIt turns out that the idea is to establish a positive and optimistic attitude.

In this new era, various trends have emerged in the field of emotional health, which seek to improve the quality of life and promote a healthy mind.

he Mindfulness Wellness holidays are part of the new trends that serve as a tool to grow and strengthen mental health and emotional well-being.

How is mindfulness practiced?

According to the Perez-Espinosa Clinic, “he Mindfulness In motion it can be practiced, for example, through conscious walking. It is about using the motions and sensations we feel while walking to bring ourselves into the present. The focus of attention is on maintaining awareness of the sensations that accompany our movements at all times.

In addition, Wellness holidays have gained popularity as a way to de-stress and focus on self-care.

From yoga and meditation retreats to spas and hotels with wellness programs, these experiences provide a space to recharge and connect with oneself.

Mental wellness has become a growing trend, as more and more people look to improve their emotional health and find effective ways to take care of their mind.


The practice of active listening, a moment of mindful breathing, moments of self-care and undivided attention to food are some of the most applied and effective mental health therapies that exist today.

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Mindfulness frees us from forgetfulness and distraction. It makes it possible to fully live every minute of life. Mindfulness allows you to live.

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