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Luis Carlos Ruiz scored the first goal for Millonarios.

They face each other on Saturday in the United States.

Millionaires s River Plate They will meet this Saturday at Florida, United Statesin a friendly match.

This will be the tenth meeting between the two teams, starting in 1953.

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The first of them was on January 4 of that year, with a 1-3 victory for Blue, in the same year, they tied 0-0. Both matches were played in Bogota.

Double in the small clubs World Cup , Where the ambassadors won 5-1 and tied with one goal. Until 1957 and 1964 crossed again, both duels ended evenly.

It took 40 years for them to encounter each other again, in a friendly dispute in his honor Amadeo Carrizo, Where they tied with two goals, in December 2004. They met again in Bogota, as a tribute Alfredo Di Stefano For 2014, the Ambassadors won again and on penalties.

The last two matches were played in 2017 and 2018, with River Plate winning 0-1 and 4-1, in pre-season duels in the United States.

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