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The Millionaires concluded the first 90 minutes of rehearsal for 2023 with a 2-goal draw against Hertha BSC, at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee (Florida, USA), as it was noted that it was still in pre-season and in that combination. The virtues and disadvantages of the past year.

Alberto Gameiro repeated, in practice, the same team from last year, with only one reinforcement on the field, Daniel Giraldo. Neither Fernando Uribe nor Leonardo Castro traveled to the United States, and the fourth reinforcement, Jorge Arias, was announced minutes before kick-off against the Germans.

Now without Carlos Andrés Gomez, who had moved to Real Salt Lake, USA, Gameiro decided to unite McAllister Silva, Daniel Catano and Daniel Ruiz in the same line and left the only available striker, Luis Carlos Ruiz, up front. The pressure, at first, stifled him, but very quickly, after Silva grabbed a ball in the area and kept it in Hertha’s goal.

millionaires vs. Hertha Berlin


Daniel Giraldo showed his weight and relevance, as if he did not have a one-year layoff in Junior, and at the moment beat Larry Vasquez, who ended up on the bench.

The Germans did not create much danger at the first stage, and then, at 7 minutes of the second half, Daniel Ruiz made a wonderful pass and Luis Carlos Ruiz beat the goalkeeper.

With the advantage, Millonarios is starting to show some cracks, some of them natural due to a lack of rhythm. Three minutes later they made it 2-0, Hertha’s opponent, Wilfred Kanga, scored a penalty, after an innocent handball by Juan Carlos Pereira in the area.

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The goal caused a blackout in Millonarius, who began to linger and make defensive mistakes. And Hertha did not take advantage of one of them until the 70th minute, after a wonderful pass from Kevin-Prince Boateng, a bad sign from Omar Bertel, and a wonderful finish from Lucas Tousart.

Gamero had to change line-ups to try and level the match, and with the exception of a cross shot that Álvaro Montero executed very well, he again had no major concerns. Nor did it generate much choice, other than a free kick from Yuber Quinones, who entered the second phase, which required a goalkeeper.

Away from the result, in Millonarios they know that the year has just begun and that there are still things to prove, such as the fact that there are two goalscorers, who were missing last year, and knowing the necessary adjustments in midfield and in defence. , where suspicion remains on both sides. But overall, the team has complied and is now waiting for River Plate in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday.

Jose Orlando Asensio
Deputy sports editor

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