Millionaires Vs. America: goals from a friendly match in Daytona – Colombian football – sports

Melonarius defeated America 2-1 in Daytona (USA), In a pre-season friendly match, a week before the start of the 2022-I League.

Neither team had good news on the payroll. Milos made the premiere for Luis Carlos Ruiz, who arrived from Courtolois. America has sent home many players who were on loan due to the impossibility of recruiting new faces.

(In context: Israel Alba is a new millionaire player)

The first goal of Luis Carlos Ruiz with Melonarius

Luis Carlos Ruiz, after a superb pass from McAllister Silva, put Melonarius ahead in the 11th minute.

Fair Marlon Torres for America at 31, He received a long pass from goalkeeper Seigo Novoa and took advantage of two fatal errors from Elvis Perlaza, who lost his head, and goalkeeper Montero, who gave up his position.

Millonarios again advanced in the 8th of the second stage, When McAllister Silva received a side cross from Larry Vasquez and hit him without a mark and he was crossed to defeat goalkeeper Novoa.

This will be the premiere of the movie Millionaires and America in the League

The team led by Alberto Gameiro will appear in the next tournament on Saturday 9 July when they host Deportivo Pasto at El Campin (6pm).

On the same day, America will play Envigado, at Parque Estadio Sur, at 3:15 pm. Both games will be watched on Win Sports+.

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It is reported that America postponed its match against Deportivo Pereira, from the second date, because the Pascual Guerrero stadium is occupied by the Copa America Femenina.

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