Miley will present his global perspective in Davos, meet the International Monetary Fund and open a diplomatic dialogue with the UK.

Javier Mayle with Diana Mondino, Nicolas Bossi, Luis Caputo and Carina Mayle in Davos

(special delivery) Javier Miley actually wrote the letter Which he will deliver today at the Davos Economic Forum, an annual event At three degrees below zero Which brings together heads of state, powerful bankers, global investors and academics who teach at the world's most respected universities.

When he landed in Frankfurt yesterday, the president passed him information Ideological bias for presenting it It will last about twenty-five minutes:

– What is the purpose of the trip to Davos? – asked this special envoy.

Planting ideas of freedom in a forum tainted by the socialist 2030 Agenda is the only thing that will bring misery to the world.

– What will Wednesday’s exhibition be based on?

That freedom is the key to prosperity, The president came forward.

The presidential response arrived via WhatsApp to the most powerful participants in the forum, and if he accepted this ideological view, Miley attracted attention in Davos, after speaking with Infobay. Its fame increased from an engineering standpoint.

Miley talks about the Davos forum before landing in Frankfurt

Miley has a personal approach to writing his speeches. He writes Powerful thoughts On his computer, he sends that draft to Santiago Caputo—his ideological figure—and the advisor. Dedicated The president contributes his own ideas. This dialectical exchange ends when times are urgent, and Final cut It always remains in the hands of the head of state.

Only three people know the final version of the speech Miley will deliver today in Davos: the president himself, Karina Miley, and Santiago Caputo. Rest of the delegation – Counselor Diana Mondino; Economy Minister Luis Caputo and Chief of Staff Nicolas Bossi, He has some idea. And nothing more.

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David Cameron is a British conservative politician Adores Margaret Thatcher, who studied at Eton College, lost the Brexit referendum as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His career is over, but politics is the art of the possible Two months ago he was appointed advisor By Rishi Sunak, Which occupies 10 Downing Street in London.

Cameron called Miley to congratulate him on his electoral victory The conversation flowed through the music. They are both Rolling Stone fans and Cameron promised to introduce her to Mick Jagger if Miley visited the UK.

The President and his advisor confirm that the Malvinas Islands are Argentine. but Blasphemy The diplomatic strategy that has been used during forty years of democracy to regain the sovereignty lost in the last military adventure of the operation.

In this sense, Miley and Mondino Believes An active and sustained trade agenda between the two countries could build a diplomatic resource that would allow for the negotiation of the recovery of the South Atlantic islands. This will not be a tactic to appease London; Rather, to find new negotiating scenarios to reach the same result.

From this perspective, Miley, Mondino and Cameron will meet at the Davos Forum for an exploratory meeting. Appointment is 1:00 PM (9:00 AM in Argentina), And without red lines.

Javier Miley and Kristalina Georgieva will meet in Davos to analyze the political and economic situation in Argentina

Upon completion of the presentation to the forum, Miley will meet Kristalina Georgieva, Director General of the International Monetary Fund. Georgieva will arrive at the meeting accompanied by Geeta Gopinath, Deputy Director General, while the President will attend with Bossi and Caputo.

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Miley will thank the Director General for her willingness to complete the agreement with Argentina and He will explain his roadmap for controlling the state, Reducing inflation and increasing GDP.

In turn, Georgieva will ask whether the Omnibus Law and the DNU, two major initiatives, will be approved in Congress. Caputo used it as a political argument to achieve the disbursement of $4.7 billion.

Before returning to the Belvedere Hotel, as the afternoon in Davos approaches, Miley could meet Emmanuel Macron. It will not be an official meeting with the French President, but there is still talk about the possibility of coordination Pull asidewhich in simple terms will be an informal handshake date and photo occasion.

tomorrow, noon, The Head of State will return to Buenos Aires.

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