Milagros Menendez and Marina Delgado to the Argentine national football team

Mar Del Plata is part of a roster of 34 players in the prestigious “She Believes Cup” friendly tournament to be held in the United States from February 18-24.

(Image: AFA Press)

Mar del Plata Milagros Menendez and Marina Delgado Pre-selection of 34 players constitutes that coach Argentina national women’s team Player, Carlos Borrello, with the goal of the prestigious friendly tournament “The Cup is Giving” Held annually.

Despite this list, only 22 of the 34 shortlisted will travel to Orlando, USA, to play the championship from February 18-24Next to the selector North America, Brazil, and Canada. This tournament is usually played by the Japanese national team but this time it will not participate due to the high cases of Coronavirus in the country.

Coach Carlos Borrello pre-selected players to represent the country during the FIFA date. Local footballers (including Delgado) will meet at Ezeiza on February 12th to focus and test according to corresponding protocols. It is there that the final part of the list will take place and then, on February 14, start a trip to Orlando.

Argentina will debut against Brazil – the best team in South America – on Thursday February 18th, then face Canada on Sunday 21st and conclude their competition in front of locals on Wednesday 24. The United States, with four Olympic golds and four world medals, the last titles in France 2019, he Favorite Candidate to Win the Fourth Edition Cup (2016, 2018 and 2020).

As for Mar del Plata, the forward Milagros Menendez He is in Spain defending a shirt Granada In the second degree. With 9 disputed dates, he is on Second place In Zone A with 18 points after five wins, three draws, one loss, and only two units behind the leader. Pozoalbense that has another party.

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For this part, Marina Delgado, Plays the side UAI Urquiza In the first division and in the last tournament his team lost on penalties in the semi-final against River Plate after drawing 2 to 2 in a vibrant match. Then it is millionaire They did not stand in the final match and fell to Boca Juniors 7-0, making them the first team to win the Women’s Professional Football Championship.

Tournament schedule (Argentina tables)

Thursday, February 18

18.00 Brazil – Argentina

21.00 USA – Canada

Sunday 21 February

17.00 United States – Brazil

20.00 Argentina – Canada

Wednesday 24 February

18.00 Canada – Brazil

21.00 USA – Argentina

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