Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard cuts Sony Grupo Milenio’s profits

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fans Call of duty We are players entrenched, even if their battle scars are only hypothetical. Many people play the video game Activision Blizzard For more than 10 hours a day on console Play Station. High in-game cost Made by nearly 100 million active players in 2022 make this hit title a One of the most profitable games ever.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the actions of the group Sonythe PlayStation manufacturer, after a federal court collapsed in United State will rule in favor Acquisition by Activision Blizzard MicrosoftAnd worth $69 billion.

The judge said so The combination will not harm the competition video game. This regulator forced competition in United kingdom To return. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) relied on the coverage fire by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Now he says he may reconsider his opposition to the deal.

The alarm bell at Sony can be understood when you take into account the massive sales and user loyalty generated by the video game. it is expected that Call of Duty players spend an average of $16 billion annually In the three years to 2021.

To make the purchase process go smoothly, Microsoft signed in the beginning of the year A binding contract of 10 years To bring the Call of Duty franchise and other titles from X-Box to consoles Nintendo.

For many gamers, Call of Duty is the only reason to buy a PlayStation. It is estimated that 1 million console owners use it just to play this video game. If Microsoft does Call of duty be free on your Xbox Game Pass service, It will be inevitable Sony Lose console sales. Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles from Microsoft are the main competitors for Play Station Sony in the field of video games.

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Shares of the company have fallen by more than a tenth in the past month. At 17 times their future earnings, they’re trading at about half their levels three years ago.

The Japanese group is already expecting its earnings to decline in the current fiscal year due to the lower performance of its financial services business. The blow to the sales department video game Sony, the company that contributes the most to the group’s income, He would make up the profits from his music and movie business. Profit prospects will weaken further.


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